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New version! Adapted training to ace interviews!

Since this fall, we offer an upgraded Software Development Essentials Course. Base on our instructors’ experience, we will implement an advanced training method with 500+ most up-to-date programming exercises to help you enhance your ability to solve hard problems, and eventually become an ace candidate for FLAG companies.

Focused on the most relevant software engineering skills required in the industry, this course has helped 2,000+ students in the past 5 years.

This course offers personalized training plans catered to your background.

For those without any technical background, we offer a free 1-month Programming for Beginners course to walk you through programming fundamentals with step-by-step guidance and hands-on practices.

For those with relevant education or working experience, our Advanced Algorithms and Object-oriented/System Design course will boost your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Software Development Essentials Introduction
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Course Introduction

Instructor: Dr. Sun

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3+1 Training Program

Tsinghua University’s unique training model makes your job application success rate > 80%.

Computer Science Theory

CS Theory System

Coding Training 1Coding Training 2Coding Training 3

Hands-on Programming

Real-World Project

Knowledge Consolidation

Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Referral System

Referral Network

Stage 1 (Month 1-3)

Basics: algorithms, data structures, programming languages, object-oriented design, and system design;
Coding Skills: with the help of our seasoned instuctors, your coding ability will improve greatly through real-world practice

Stage 2 (Month 4)

Review, Practise, and Improve: working on what you have learnt during the first 3 months until you meet the interview requirements

Stage 3 (Before your first day at a new job)

1-on-1 sessions: resume editing and mock interviews; Consultation: salary negotiations, offer selection, etc.

Personalized Learning Experience

Start CourseKnowledgeAssessmentNo CS BackgroundHave CS BackgroundProgramming for BeginnersCourse (Free)1-on-1 CoachingCoding PracticesOnline SessionsCareer CounselingResume RevisionsMock InterviewsGetting OffersPackage NegotiationChoosing your JobNew StartStart CourseKnowledgeAssessmentNo CS BackgroundProgramming for BeginnersCourse (Free)Online SessionsCoding Practices1-on-1 CoachingCareer CounselingResume RevisionsMock InterviewsGetting OffersPackage NegotiationChoosing your JobNew Start

Learn. Practice. Win.

Real-time Online Class is guaranteed through the entire journey to ensure the quality of interaction. We will not use pre-recorded videos.
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All-star Instructors

Real-time Interactions

At the beginning of the course, we will evaluate your programming skills. We will offer you one-month free session if you are transferring from other majors with limited technical background.

Free Programming Course

for Beginners

Tsinghua University’s unique training model makes your job application success rate > 80%.

3+1 Training Program

Effective & Efficient Improvement

Once the course starts, you will have access to all the instructors via emails, phone calls, and WeChat messages 24-7. Timely communication will improve the quality of your learning.

24-7 Support

Keep You Thriving

After the exam, instructors will provide 1-on-1 code review sessions to revise your code. Meanwhile, we also provide free 1-on-1 resume review and mock interview to ace your interviews.

1V1 Tutoring

on Job Hunting Skills

We maintain strong relationships with many top-tier tech companies around the globe. LaiOffer's strong alumni network will also help you get introduced to various job opportunities.

Internship Opportunity

and Internal Referrals


Section 1

Software Development Fundamentals (Optional)

For those without any technical background, this section will walk you through programming fundamentals with step-by-step guidance.

Frequency: 1 month, 3 sessions/week, 2-3 hrs/session

  • Week 1

    Java Basics I

    Java Basics II

    Java Basics III

  • Week 2

    Java Basics IV

    Sorting Algorithms

    Sorting Algorithms (QuickSort)

  • Week 3

    Recursion I, Queue, Stack

    Queue & Linked List

    Linked List

  • Week 4

    Binary Search

    Binary Tree

    Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

  • Week 5



Section 2

Advanced Computer Science

50% theoretical learning + 50% hands-on practices aims at improving your abilities to programming, Object Oriented Design, and System Design.

Frequency: 3 months, 5 sessions/week, 2-3 hrs/session

  • Week 1

    Array and Sorting Algorithms

    Recursion I (Basics) & Binary Search

    Java Basics and how to debug

  • Week 2

    Binary Tree & Binary Search Tree

    Java API and practice I: Basic data structure APIs and exercises

  • Week 3

    Heap & Graph Search Algorithms (DFS, BFS, etc.)

    Java API and practice II: Basic data structure internal implementations

  • Week 4

    String and Bit manipulation

    Java API and practice III: Advanced data structure APIs and exercises

  • Week 5

    Midterm Exam I

    Object-Oriented Design Basics

    Java API and practice IV: Advanced data structure internal implementations

  • Week 6

    More advanced Recursion

    Dynamic Programming I

    Java API and practice: summary and review

  • Week 7

    Dynamic Programming II & III

    Object-Oriented Design II: Design Pattern

    Java language features I: Inheritance and Encapsulation in Java, Exception handling

  • Week 8

    Midterm Exam II

    Object-Oriented Design III & IV: OOD in practice

  • Week 9

    Probability, Sampling, Randomization

    System Design I & II: Distributed Storage System, MapReduce

    Java language features II: Java Generics, Class organizations, and misc

  • Week 10

    System Design III & IV: Stream Processing

    Java advanced topics I: Garbage Collection

  • Week 11

    System Design V & VI: Web Applications

    Java advanced topics II: Concurrency and Parallelism

  • Week 12

    Final Exam

Section 3

The Final Sprint

You will work on what you have learnt during the first 3 months until you meet the interview requirements.

Frequency: 1 months, 3-5 sessions/week, 2-3 hrs/session

  • Week 13

    LinkedList Related Questions

    Array Related Questions

    Large-Scale System Design

  • Week 14

    Matrix related questions

    k pointers & sliding window

    System Design: Database & Database Management System

  • Week 15

    Array II & String

    Career Development & Behavior questions 101

    Tree related questions

  • Week 16

    DFS + Graph

    BFS + Topological Sort

    Dynamic Programming

* The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of LaiOffer.

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Mar 13, 2019 7:00 PM

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  • Free Programming for Beginners Course
  • 1-on-1 resume revisions, mock interviews and job referral
  • The most comprehensive training plan
  • Student success rate exceeds 80%
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