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4 Projects Plus FLAG Camp Help You to Get Interview Opportunities!

By taking this course, you will attend FLAG Camp, in which you will try to solve a real world problem with your teammates and your project will be reviewed by Google/Uber's Program Manager.

You will learn 4 real-world projects that cover the application of full-stack and big data development, as well as front-end, back-end, cloud and more. It extends beyond the Masters Program in CS.

For students transfering from other majors with weak basis, the course will provide free session to improve your knowlege of programming language.

The course is taught by senior engineers from top-tier tech companies in Silicon Valley. We hope to boost your abilities and skills in a relatively short period, and get you ready for job interviews.

4 Real-World Projects

  • Video Game Live Streaming Application based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and React

    Through this project, you will learn how to design and develop a live video recommendation API and search system, study a variety of recommendation algorithms, and deploy a set of reliable back-end services and databases on Amazon Web Services, and learn how to test and maintain.

    After completing this project, you will also be able to demonstrate this project during the interview. This project will improve your chances of getting interviews with top-tier technology companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.

    Java Servlet
    Cloud Computing
    Amazon Web Services
  • NFT Price Data Analysis and Visualization Based on React



  • 基于Kotlin和MVVM的Android音乐播放器


    完成本项目,您相当于开发了一个开源版本的Spotify,可以熟悉移动生态圈,获得更多面试机会。最终,也可以将此项目添加到Google Play Store并在面试中进行Demo。学习本项目对于面试移动开发领域的相关大公司以及流媒体服务公司均有帮助。

    Restful API
  • 基于Golang和React的AppStore项目

    最近几年FinTech领域兴起了很多的支付平台和创业公司如Stripe、Square、Venmo、Plaid等,整体市场机会巨大。本项目将利用Stripe、Go、 Cloud、ElasticSearch和React,搭建一个可通过Stripe购买软件服务的AppStore平台。

    完成本项目,您相当于开发了一个开源版本的AppStore。最终,您可以将此项目部署到Cloud上并在面试中进行Demo。学习本项目对于面试FinTech领域相关大公司以及基于软件付费的SaaS 公司均有帮助。

    Cloud Computing

Give You the Edge Over Others

You will learn four projects that cover front-end, back-end, cloud and mobile will strengthen your programming experience and upgrade your resume.

4+ Industrial Projects

to Improve Your Resume

By taking this course, you will attend FLAG Camp. You will cooperate with other engineers, UI/UX designers and PMs and try to solve a real world problem. Your project will be reviewed by Google/Uber's Program Manager.


Instructed by Google/Uber PM

For students transfering from other majors with weak basis, we will offer you free session to improve your knowlege of programming language.

Free Programming Course

for Beginners

The faculty student ratio is about 1:5. Instructors are all senior full stack/Android engineers from top tech companies like Google, Facebook and Uber. Live teaching throughout the journey.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

from Silicon Valley as Instructors

Interview/offer-oriented, Full-stack Development not only hones your skills, but also help you tailor your resume to positions you apply for.

Resume Revise

Key to success

LaiOffer maintains positive collaborative relationships with top tech companies in Silicon Valley and hiring agencies. We have strong referral resources to support you.

Internal Referral Network

to Assist You in Job Hunting


Section 1

Full Stack Development Fundamentals

You will understand what is Full Stack development, and learn the essential knowledge of Back-end, Database and recommendation system.

Frequency: 4 weeks, 5 sessions/week, 2 hrs/session

  • Week 1

    Web Development: a personalized recommendation engine

    - Project 1: Personalized Recommendation System based on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    - Intro to Web Service

    - Project related interview questions

    - Java Basics

  • Week 2

    Web Development: a personalized recommendation engine

    - MySQL and Relational SQL

    - RDS and Scalability Improvement

    - Typical recommendation algorithm

    - How to design recommendation algorithms in different cases (Friends/Jobs/Events/Music)

  • Week 3

    Advanced Back-end Development: deploy and test a backend service

    - Amazon EC2: Cloud Computing

    - JUnit, JMeter and how to test your services

  • Week 4

    Front-end development: Implement Frontend Pages for Recommendation Engine

    - HTML & HTML5

    - CSS

    - JavaScript Basic

Section 2

Advanced Software Development

Combining system design theories with real-world projects, you will learn to design IT system, and complete three industry level projects.

Frequency: 6 weeks, 5 sessions/week, 2 hrs/session

  • Week 5

    Advanced backend development: improvement of Web Application

    - Project 2: Social Media System Based on Go and React

    - Advanced backend development based on Go

    - Popular frameworks like Google Cloud, ElasticSearch, JWT, etc.

  • Week 6

    Android development: Implement Android Application Basic Functions

    - Activity/Fragment

    - Basic Knowledge and Application for Android Development

    - Project 3: Personalized News Recommendation Android App

  • Week 7

    Advanced Android Development

    - Google Component Architecture

    - Android Interview Preparation

  • Week 8

    Advanced Front-end Development: React JS

    - JSX and React JS

    - Virtual DOM, Props, and State

  • Week 9

    Advanced Front-end Development: React JS

    - Project 4: SpaceX Launch Data Analysis and Visualization

    - Practice Course on SpaceX Project

    - Component Life Cycle

    - Refs, Module, Project Setup

  • Week 10

    Interview Preparation

    - Product Analysis and Project Management(FLAG Camp)

    - Interview Summary

    Resume Review & Mock Interview

Section 3

FLAG Camp (Optional)

With a better fundamental knowledge, you can also attend FLAG Camp. You can learn about Agile Development and build a product from scratch within a team.

Frequency: 5 weeks, Team work, Instructor supervised and reviewed

  • Week 11-13

    FLAG Camp

    - How Google/Uber manages projects

    - Agile Development

    - Code Review, Version Control, Team Management, MVP

    - Peer Review & Final Review

* The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of LaiOffer.

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