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Focused on the most relevant software engineering skills required in the industry, this course has helped 7,000+ students in the past 9 years.

This course offers personalized training plans catered to your background.

For those without any technical background, we offer a free 1-month Programming for Beginners course to walk you through programming fundamentals with step-by-step guidance and hands-on practices.

For those with relevant education or working experience, our Advanced Algorithms and Object-oriented/System Design course will boost your knowledge and skills to the next level.

Software Development Essentials Introduction
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Course Introduction

Instructor: Dr. Sun

2,000+ Successful Cases Speaks for Our Quality

9 years of verification, 7000+ real name Offer list, cradle of FLAG engineers.

3+1 Training Program

Tsinghua University’s unique training model.

Computer Science Theory

CS Theory System

Coding Training 1Coding Training 2Coding Training 3

Hands-on Programming

Real-World Project

Knowledge Consolidation

Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Referral System

Referral Network

Stage 1 (Month 1-3)

Basics: algorithms, data structures, programming languages, object-oriented design, and system design;
Coding Skills: with the help of our seasoned instuctors, your coding ability will improve greatly through real-world practice

Stage 2 (Month 4)

Review, Practise, and Improve: working on what you have learnt during the first 3 months until you meet the interview requirements

Stage 3 (Before your first day at a new job)

1-on-1 sessions: resume editing and mock interviews; Consultation: salary negotiations, offer selection, etc.

Personalized Learning Experience

Start CourseKnowledgeAssessmentNo CS BackgroundHave CS BackgroundProgramming for BeginnersCourse1-on-1 CoachingCoding PracticesOnline SessionsCareer CounselingResume RevisionsMock InterviewsGetting OffersPackage NegotiationChoosing your JobNew StartStart CourseKnowledgeAssessmentNo CS BackgroundProgramming for BeginnersCourseOnline SessionsCoding Practices1-on-1 CoachingCareer CounselingResume RevisionsMock InterviewsGetting OffersPackage NegotiationChoosing your JobNew Start

Learn. Practice. Win.

Real-time Online Class is guaranteed through the entire journey to ensure the quality of interaction. We will not use pre-recorded videos.
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All-star Instructors

Real-time Interactions

Through our unique training model, you will make improvement significantly.

Special Classes

3+1 Training Model

We will offer you one-month free session if you are transferring from other majors with limited technical background.

3+1 Training Program

Free Programming Course

Once the course starts, you will have access to all the instructors via Piazza, WeChat messages etc 24-7. Timely communication will improve the quality of your learning.

24-7 Support

Keep You Thriving

After the exam, instructors will provide 1-on-1 code review sessions to revise your code. Meanwhile, we also provide free 1-on-1 resume review and mock interview to ace your interviews.

1V1 Tutoring

on Job Hunting Skills

We have a powerful alumni network within top-tier companies around the globe. Students will have access to various internal referral opportunities.

Internship Opportunity

and Internal Referrals


Section 1

Software Development Fundamentals (Optional)

For those without any technical background, this section will walk you through programming fundamentals with step-by-step guidance.

Frequency: 1 month, 3 sessions/week, 2-3 hrs/session

  • Week 1

    Java Basics I

    Java Basics II

    Java Basics III

  • Week 2

    Java Basics IV

    Sorting Algorithms

    Sorting Algorithms (QuickSort)

  • Week 3

    Recursion I, Queue, Stack

    Queue & Linked List

    Linked List

  • Week 4

    Binary Search

    Binary Tree

    Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree

  • Week 5



Section 2

Advanced Computer Science

50% theoretical learning + 50% hands-on practices aims at improving your abilities to programming, Object Oriented Design, and System Design.

Frequency: 3 months, 5 sessions/week, 2-3 hrs/session

  • Week 1

    Array and Sorting Algorithms

    Recursion I (Basics) & Binary Search

    Java Basics and how to debug

  • Week 2

    Binary Tree & Binary Search Tree

    Java API and practice I: Basic data structure APIs and exercises

  • Week 3

    Heap & Graph Search Algorithms (DFS, BFS, etc.)

    Java API and practice II: Basic data structure internal implementations

  • Week 4

    String and Bit manipulation

    Java API and practice III: Advanced data structure APIs and exercises

  • Week 5

    Midterm Exam I

    Object-Oriented Design Basics

    Java API and practice IV: Advanced data structure internal implementations

  • Week 6

    More advanced Recursion

    Dynamic Programming I

    Java API and practice: summary and review

  • Week 7

    Dynamic Programming II & III

    Object-Oriented Design II: Design Pattern

    Java language features I: Inheritance and Encapsulation in Java, Exception handling

  • Week 8

    Midterm Exam II

    Object-Oriented Design III & IV: OOD in practice

  • Week 9

    System Design I & II: Distributed Storage System, MapReduce

    Java language features II: Java Generics, Class organizations, and misc

  • Week 10

    System Design III & IV: Stream Processing

    Java advanced topics I: Garbage Collection

  • Week 11

    System Design V & VI: Web Applications

    Java advanced topics II: Concurrency and Parallelism

  • Week 12

    Final Exam

* The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of LaiOffer.

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$7,800 USD/¥55,000 RMB

  • Dedicated instructors provide step by step coding guidance
  • Interactions on 5 platforms 24/7
  • All-star instructors give live teaching for the whole session
  • 1-on-1 resume revisions and job referral
  • Free Programming for Beginners Course
  • The most comprehensive training plan
  • Student success rate exceeds 80%
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