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The course is leading taught by Dave Malouf and Spell Yu. Dave Malouf is the co-founder of Interaction Design Association (IxDA), the founder of Interaction Design program at Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD), has concentrated on education in Interaction design, Design Management, and Design Strategies. Spell Yu is a Sr. product designer at Snap, previously worked at Salesforce, Citrix, Amazon, etc. has gained expertise in Product research, Product strategies, Service development, and Product design.

The entire class employs the project-based learning technique and emphasizes learning through doing. With these hands-on experience, rich class content facilitated team collaboration, and simulated real-world work environment, you will transform into a confident and competitive UX designer in the job market.

In this program, you will explore the process of the user study, interaction design, prototype presentation, and visualization, by which you will obtain systematic UX theories and a designer-like mindset. In-class assignments, individual and business projects will not only hone your skills, nurture your mindset, but also prepare you ready for interviews.

Almost every student completed their portfolio after taking this course. The students who have completed their portfolio in this course have been employed by leading tech or design companies worldwide, and have grown to be top-tier UX designers preeminently.


You will delve into the theoretical frameworks of UX design by learning research methods and principles of interaction design.

Establish a foundation

in UX design

Our instructors all have previous hiring experience in well-known technology companies. They are practical experts in UX design, design management, and design strategies.

Live sessions by

preeminent designers

You will complete 8+ general design assignments, 3+ UX design projects and a high-quality portfolio for job interviews. We also offer 15G+ design resources to support you to finish your projects.

Create your portfolio

from scratch

You will join the UX designer community, where you will be able to networking with top tier designers across the US, and attend the mock interviews and product critiques, which will help you gain interview techniques.

UX Designer Community

Referral & Mock Interview Opportunity

Product managers from Google/Uber and other top tech companies will propose product demands and review the final product. Students have opportunities to solve real-world problems.

Learn to solve

real-world problems

Instructors will provide 1-on-1 portfolio critique, mock interview, resume review to each student, and individual guidance on design exercise and whiteboard challenge.

1V1 tutoring on

job hunting skills

Target Students




UX Design | UX Career Development

Snap Inc. Lead Product Designer


  • UX design
  • Product design


  • Current Lead Product Designer at Snap
  • Former UX Designer of Salesforce,Citrix,and Amazon
  • Dedicated to UX education for 4 years and has helped nearly 300 students getting FLAG or unicorn startups’ offers


UX Design | Visual Design

Product Design, Visual Design


  • Visual design
  • Design system
  • UX design


  • Career path was changed from marketing to UX design
  • A visualization expert with a multi-dimensional design mindset
  • Familiar with industrial trends all over the world
  • Experience in various industries,such as FMCG,Auto vehicles,IT,B2B and Fintech


Product Research | Product Design

Senior UX designer; Experienced UX instructor


  • Product research
  • Product strategies
  • Service development
  • Product design


  • The former employee of Steelcase
  • Conducted research of office behavior at Workspace Futures,and provided insights on product strategies and product services
  • Dedicated to training and education of Ethnography and design thinking
Dave Malouf

Dave Malouf

Interaction Design | Design Management

Co-founder of IxDA, Founder of Interaction Design program at Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD)


  • Interaction design
  • Design Management
  • Design Strategies


  • The former employee of Motorola and Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • The former head of interactive design at Rackspace
  • Former director of product design at DigitalOcean
  • More than 20 years of professional experience
  • Co-founded IxDA. Organizer of IxDA Education Summit,Enterprise UX conference,and DesignOps summit
  • Taught in Savannah College of Art and Design,and co-founded its Interaction Design and Service Design program


  • UX Fundamental Assignments

    You will finish 8 UX assignments as the course proceeds to review and apply theoretical knowledge from class to a practical project.

    Assignments include Design a common product, Psych & Anthro project, Way Finding, Dashboard, E-Commerce, Contextual Design, Gig-economy service, Persona & Scenario, etc.

  • Individual Project

    UX design is grounded in user needs. UX designers always start their work by precisely understanding user needs. Is there any product experience that you want to improve in real life? Are you excited to apply new technology to your own design?

    In this project, students will finish an individual project under instructors’ guidance. Students will choose their own topic, conduct user and product research, and complete the interface design.

  • Business Project

    You will work with our partnered companies, and help them solve actual problems in their products. You will accomplish a prospective product design which will strengthen your portfolio.

    How to work with product managers to determine user needs? What data and user behaviors will influence the map of produce strategies? How to turn conceptual ideas into reality? You will find the answers after completing the project.

  • Design System Project

    For beginners, learning to leverage design system for UX design in a short period is critical but also difficult in the process of UX interviews and real-world development.

    In this project, you will perform UX design on a well-developed design system. In the end, product managers from top tech companies will review your design and help you improve it. This is the scenario you will experience when you enter the workplace!


Section 1

Design Thinking Foundation

Understand basic UX concepts, theoretical knowledge, and its applications in the industry. Learn basic design thinking and research methods.

Frequency: 1 week, 3 sessions per week

  • Week 1

    Framing Design Practice and Design Thinking I

    Framing Design Practice and Design Thinking II

    UX 101

Section 2

Establish Empathy with User

Understand users by learning user research process, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and conduct market research.

Frequency: 2 weeks, 3 sessions per week

  • Week 2

    People: Psychology & Anthropology I

    People: Psychology & Anthropology II

    UX Methodologies & Processes

  • Week 3

    “Data & Information; Navigation, Understanding, Relevance” I

    “Data & Information; Navigation, Understanding, Relevance” II

    Understand your users through research

Section 3

Designing Experiences

Understand the industrial UX design process, from user research, prototype present, to web and mobile front-end design.

Frequency: 5 weeks, 3 sessions per week

  • Week 4

    Interaction Design; Behavior I

    Interaction Design; Behavior II

    Designing beautiful user interfaces

  • Week 5

    Qualitative Research Methods I

    Qualitative Research Methods II

    Usability testing

  • Week 6

    Storytelling I

    Storytelling II

    Designing for Web

  • Week 7

    Prototyping I

    Prototyping II

    Designing for Mobile

  • Week 8

    Service Design 1

    Service Design 2

    Building your portfolio

Section 4

Practice Design

You will complete 3+ individual or team design projects under instructors’ supervision to strengthen your portfolio.

Frequency: 4 weeks

  • Week 9-12

    Passion Project

    Capstone Project

    Systematic Design Project

* The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of LaiOffer.

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  • Dedicated instructors provide step by step coding guidance
  • Interactions on 5 platforms 24/7
  • All-star instructors give live teaching for the whole session
  • 1-on-1 resume revisions, mock interviews and job referral
  • 15G+ free design materials and related resources
  • 3+ industrial level projects to create your top portfolio
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